Gourmet Coffee

Almond Amaretto: A blend of almond and amaretto. The almond flavor comes through very nicely.
Almond Joy: just like the candy bar of the same name, strong coconut and almond flavor with a light chocolate flavor.
Amaretto Supreme: Tastes like regular amaretto without the alcohol flavor.
Apple Crumble: Fruity tartiness of apples mixed with spices
Banana Split: Flavor is coconut, banana, cherry, and chocolate. Very fruity.
Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble: Tastes like a blueberry muffin. Natural blueberry flavor.
Brazilian Rain Forest Nut: Similar to the taste of hazelnut and macadamia nut mixed together. Good nut taste.
Butter Rum Cream: Like a hot grog. The rum taste is softened by the butter and spice.
Butterscotch: Rich and soft tasting, a lighter taste than our caramel nut.
Calypso Caramel: Rich buttery caramel, sweet coconut, vanilla, and nuts.
Caramel Apple: A sweet, juicy apple covered with caramel.
Caramel Nut: Delicious caramel and nuts, like the candy bar Bit O'Honey.
Carrot Cake: Similar to the favorite dessert. Very flavorful with carrots, cinnamon, and spices.
Cherry Vanilla: Fresh tasting cherries go into the making of the flavor. Vanilla adds a soft sweetness.
Chocolate Cherry: Tastes like real chocolate covered cherries. Very sweet taste.
Chocolate Raspberry: The rich dark chocolate accents the fresh fruitiness of the ripe raspberries.
Christmas Spice: Egg nog with a twist. We've added cinnamon and spices to this holiday favorite.**
Cinnamon Hazelnut: Warm sweet cinnamon blended with hazelnut for a comforting cup of coffee.
Cinnamon Nut Swirl: Freshly baked cinnamon rolls smothered with sweet buttery nuts.
Cinnamon Toffee: Sweet buttery toffee with just a touch of cinnamon. Very rich.
Coco Moca: Sweet and toasted coconut tossed in rich chocolate. Just like chocolate macaroons.
Coconut Cream: Icredibly creamy melt in-your-mouth coconut cream pie. NEW 
Coffee Cake
: You can smell it baking in the oven! A hint of nuts, ginger, orange, cinnamon, and spices.
Creme Brulee: Light, rich caramel. Just like the custard style dessert.
Dark Chocolate Decadence: Perfect for the chocolate lover, rich, sweet, and irresistible dark chocolate.
Egg Nog: Rum flavor with lots of sweet cream. Good on a cold winter night!**
English Toffee: Sweet, creamy toffee taste. More like a candy bar.
French Kiss: Imagine warm creamy custard blended with rich caramel. A taste that lingers on your lips.
French Silk Cheesecake: Graham crackers with cinnamon, vanilla, and hazelnuts.
French Vanilla: Richer than our straight vanilla, but also light in taste. Creamy.
Frosty's Favorite: Cinnamon-coated graham crackers covered with vanilla custard and sprinkled with ground hazelnuts.**
German Black Forest Cake: Rich, dark chocolate layers with swet cherries and coconut. Very sinful! NEW
Gingerbread: A popular holiday treat reminiscent of freshly baked ginger snaps! The mouth-warming tastes of ginger, sweet molasses, cinnamon, and spices.**
Harvest Spice: A hint of nuts, giner, cinnamon, orange, and other spices.
Hawaiian Hazelnut: Coconut and hazelnut go together like hot summer days and a tropical beach.
Hazelnut Supreme: Hazelnut flavor and rich cream.
Highlander Grog: Irish cream with a spicy kick! NEW
Irish Cream: One of the most popular flavors. A combination of butterscotch and sweetened milk. Rich and slightly sweet.
Jack Frost Java: Warm custard blended with rich caramel, creating a gentle inviting brew.**
Jamaican Me Crazy: A cool blend of kahlua, caramel and vanilla flavors.
Jamaican Me Nuts: A blend of kahlua, caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut.
Jazzy Java: Milk chocolate with a touch of ginger.
Jinger Bell Java: A blend of caramel, vanialla, rum, cinnamon, and pecans.**
Kahlua & Cream: Just like the liquor coffee taste.
Macadamia Nut: Nutty taste with the rich oil that you get from macadamias.
Mackinac Island Fudge: A dark, thick chocolate fudge that melts in your mouth. Another sinfully chocolate taste minus the calories.
Maple Pecan: Lots of sweet, creamy maple flavor with a touch of pecans.
Mistletoe Spice: Buttery rum, cinnamon and clove togher create a flavorful and warming cup of coffee.**
Nutcracker Mocha: Fresh cracked almonds smothered in a dark chocolate that melts in your mouth.**
Orange Seville: Great tangerine flavor. Very fruity and aromatic.
Peach Cobbler: Ripe peaches, cream, and cinamon wth a buttery biscuit topping. NEW
Roasted Chestnut: Tastes just like the roasted chestnuts in light cream. Great holiday flavor.
Snickerdoodle: Just like the cookie. Light cinnamon, hazelnut, and vanilla.
Southern Pecan: Pecans with a hint of sweet praline glaze. NEW
Swiss Mocha Almond: Pure chocolate taste with just a touch of almond for richness.
Tiramisu: Chocolate dipped, cream filled, ladyfingers with a taste that's rich and creamy. An Italian dessert.
Totally Nuts: A blend of pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, and cream.
Vanilla Nut Cream: A great blend of vanilla, nuts, and cream.
Vanilla Raspberry: Fresh raspberries with sweet vanilla.
White Christmas: Swiss mocha chocolate coffee with a fine dusting of Ghiradelli white chocolate right on the beans. Sinfully sweet!**

**These flavors are only offered in the fall for the Christmas holiday


     Regular - $7.25 1/2 lb bag

     Decaf   -  $8.00 1/2 lb bag

Specialty Blend Coffee

Breakfast Blend: A mix of four beans roasted light and dark makes for a slightly stronger taste. Perfect for the morning commute or any time.
Columbian Supremo: Rich, well balanced and deep with a mellow body. A very popular coffee around the world.
French Roast: Strong, tart and spicy but light. Often blended with milder coffees to give them a fuller, deeper taste.
Fogcutter Blend: A very popular blend of both light and dark roasted Costa Rican beans. A smooth, yet full flavored and clean cup of coffee.++

++These blends are only available in regular.


     Regular - $7.75 1/2 lb bag

     Decaf  -   $8.50 1/2 lb bag

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