Wind & Willow Cheeseball and Dessert Mix

Key Lime Pie - Best Seller
Tiramisu - Best Seller
Just add cream cheese and butter and let chill until firm. Eat with graham crackers or add to your favorite pie crust. Enjoy!

Caramel Apple
Caramel Macchiato
Chocolate Chip
Cookies & Cream
Creme Brulee
Dulce de Leche

English Toffee
*Key Lime Pie*
Lemon Cheesecake
Pear and Pomegranate
Pumpkin Pie

Strawberries & Cream
Triple Berry Blast

White Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake
White Chocolate Cherry

Wind & Willow Cheeseball and Appetizer Mix
Bruschetta - Best Seller
BLT - Best Seller
Just add cream cheese and butter and let chill until firm. Eat with crackers, chips, or your favorite vegetable. Enjoy!
Chili Pepper
Garden Vegetable
Garlic Herb
Greek Feta and Olive
Jalapeno Jack
Old Sante Fe
Salsa Cubano
Smokehouse Bacon & Cheddar
Spinach Artichoke
Sweet Pepper and Onion
Tomato Pesto
Tuscan Olive
Wind & Willow Cold and Hot Dip Mix
Cheesy Bacon - Best SellerSouthwest Queso - Best Seller

Cold Dips:
Asiago & Roasted Garlic
Back at the Ranch
Bacon & Horseradish
Blue Buffalo
*Cheesy Bacon*
Chipotle Cheddar
Cucumber Dill
Fiesta Ranchero
Fresh Picked Spinach
Peppercorn Parmesan
Roasted Red Peppers
Savory Herb & Pecans
Silician Herb
Smoky Chipolte
Thai Ginger

Hot Dips:
Bacon Ranch

Loaded Cheddar
*Southwest Queso*
Spinach & Parmesan
Wind & Willow Soup and Salsa Mix
Baked Potato - Best SellerOriginal Salsa- Best Seller
*Baked Potato*
Broccoli Cheddar
Irish Pub Potato
Roasted Garlic and Tomato
Roasted Red Pepper Asparagus
Spinach Romano
Tortilla con Queso
Black Bean

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